36. Transforming One’s Heart


1 The Lord of Universe Church is different from other religions. The mission of the Lord of Universe Church is to save the world from holocausts. This Church is also a religion of transformation, transforming each striver from within.

1 天帝教與其他宗教不同。天帝教是救劫的宗教,也是革命的宗教,革的是每位同奮的內心,即「革心」。

2 It aims to instill in everyone a new concept, a new experience and create a new phenomenon with regard to the current religious missions.

2 其目的在促使大家對現階段的宗教使命,有新的觀念、新的體認,進而有一番新的氣象、新的作風。

3 Its primary purpose is to cultivate one’s moral character, cleanse one’s thoughts, and wash away his worries, as well as to correct and keep himself upright so that he can serve as an example. Then one can save the world in the name of God, with the prerequisite of saving oneself before saving others.

3 首先須正己修身,洗心滌慮,起示範作用,以自救方能救人之先決條件,代表 上帝挽救世道人心。

4 We have all been entrusted by God, undergone the hundred-day basic training, have become the nucleus and the cadre for exerting our strength, and we have been deemed able to preach by both the physical and the nonphysical force.

4 大家受了 上帝的託付,受過壹百天的基本訓練,已成為一個中堅而能發揮力量的幹部,無形有形都認為諸位有能力去傳教。

5 Preaching does not depend solely on publicity through language and words. More importantly, it requires us to set up examples.

5 傳教不但靠語言文字的宣傳,更重要的是身教。

6 It means that our character and self- cultivation must be exemplary for others to follow. It means that we need to live a life according to the “Code of Life.” It means that no matter what we do, we should not have a guilty conscience. It means that we are aboveboard.

6 也就是使自己的品德學養都能做為他人的表率,切實奉行人生守則,凡事無愧我心,正大光明。

Preaching Affairs Workshop, July 29, 1986