27. Improving Oneself Every Day


1 The loss of righteous qi is due to the fact that you do not practice the cardinal disciplines routinely and you have an abnormal lifestyle, indulging yourself in drinking, sex, insatiable thirst for wealth, and anger.

1 正氣的喪失,是因你不做日常的基本修持功課,生活不正常,酒色財氣通通來的緣故。

2 I hope every one of you would self-reflect every morning and night to see if you have violated your conscience in conducting yourselves and also in dealing with matters. Use the two Watchwords you have chosen as your guide for reflection.

2 因此我希望每位同奮每日早晚必須反省、檢討,做人處事有無違反良心,有無離開自己所認定的兩個字。

3 If you have made mistakes, acknowledge the mistakes and repent. If you did not make any mistakes, pat yourselves on the shoulder and continue to be good. By doing so religiously, you will improve yourselves and become better persons. You should actively cultivate righteous qi to help change your personal temperament [8] and restore your confidence for pursuing your initial intent of saving yourselves and saving others.

3 有則認錯懺悔,無則加勉,期能日進于善,積極培養正氣,變化氣質,重新建立信心,以達自救而救人之初衷。

The Founding Hall, November 30, 1985


[8] Personal temperament in Chinese refers to both conditions of the physical body and the mind.