8. Making Big Vows and Having Great Aspirations for the Country and Its People

八、發大願 立大志 為國為民

1 Looking at areas in Southeast Asia, where can we find a place that is as stable and happy as Taiwan? That is why we say Taiwan is a land of happiness.

1 環顧東南亞各地區,今日何處有我台灣的安定?所以台灣是樂土。

2 First and foremost we want to thank God. Between spring and summer of 1950, Mao Zedong [Chairman Mao of the Communist China] suddenly started the Korean War which forced the US to change their policy toward Taiwan. They ordered the United States Seventh Fleet and the Thirteen Air Force to assist protecting Taiwan. Otherwise, Taiwan would not have had the freedom, safety and prosperity that it enjoys today.

2 首先要感謝 上帝。這是因為民國三十九年春夏之交,毛澤東突然發動韓戰,使得美國對我政策立即轉變,於是美國第七艦隊、第十三航空隊奉命協防台灣。否則,台灣必無今日的自由安定繁榮。

3 Therefore, dear Dao cultivators and religious believers of Taiwan, you must love your country and the land you live in today.

3 因此,台灣的修道人、宗教徒,今天必先愛生存的土地、要愛自己的國家。

4 You must support your government and strive together. Only then can you have the freedom of religious beliefs, win the love of God for Taiwan and the compassion of God to secure Taiwan. So, all strivers of the Church must love our country.

4 要支持政府,團結奮鬥,才能有信仰自由,才能獲得 上帝愛我台灣、確保台灣的慈悲。所以我們帝教同奮務要愛國。

5 Make big vows and have great aspirations. With one heart and one mind, let us pray to God to avert and dispel holocausts and prove my prediction that “Taiwan can remain a free land for all of China and be the world’s haven until the end of World War III.”

5 發大願,立大志,一心一德,求 上帝化延毀滅浩劫,才能應驗我「直到三次世界大戰結束,台灣始終可以確保為中國之自由樂土,世界之桃源」的預言。

The Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, August 2, 1981