58. Forsaking Violence and Prejudice


1 People today are facing crises of living and existing together. The resolution depends on forsaking violence and prejudice, so that we can evolve and learn to live together and coexist, while embarking on a journey of peace and prosperity.

1 今天世界人類共同面臨著生活與生存的危機,其解救之道惟有揚棄暴力與私見,共同打開共生、共存、共進化的大門,邁向和平、繁榮、積極建設的康莊大道。

2 Stopping destruction, wars and bloodshed is a priority in our society, while focusing on improving human wellbeing.

2 當務之急就是中止人類流血戰爭的「破」,積極進行增進人類福祉的「立」。

A Letter to Mr. Deng Xiaoping, January 15, 1991