56. Keeping the Path of Dao Clear by Controlling Your Feelings


1 The most difficult thing in the world is handling religious matters. Fellow strivers become acquainted and have contact with each other through their association with the Lord of Universe Church. Most of you did not know each other prior to coming to the Church. There are many differences in your lifestyles and ways of thinking.

1 世間惟有辦道最難。同奮都是因為天帝教的關係而認識,在此之前大部份人彼此並不相熟識。無論是生活方式、思想見解,當然有很大差異。

2 The power of religion leads to changes in your temperament. These changes are gradual and unnoticed, and enable you to have mutual understanding and the willingness to strive with common goals.

2 就是要靠宗教的力量潛移默化,變化氣質,然後才會有共同的認識,願意為共同的目標而奮鬥。

3 Religion, by itself, does not have the power to restrain anyone. We can only use morality and spiritual force, by setting a good example for others to emulate, such as bearing burdens without complaining, serving, and sacrificing.

3 宗教本身並沒有實質的約束力量,只有用道德、精神力量,以身作則,任勞任怨,做大眾的榜樣。

4 Be sure not to be swayed by your feelings, and do not act rashly to block other people’s path of Dao cultivation.

4 千萬不可意氣用事,反而阻礙了別人修道的路。

The Leili’a Dao Center, July 31, 1988