84. Practicing Quiet Sitting and Fighting for Merits


1 Real Dao cultivators practice quiet sitting and maintain their composure. They rarely talk. They read books, they travel near and far enjoying the scenery, and they keep themselves away from worldly matters.

1 真正修道打坐的人,修煉的人,是不動聲色的。很少講話,一天就是靜坐,看看書,遊山玩水,與世無爭。

2 What is there worth fighting for? Many people fight for gaining materialistic things or for fame and fortune. We did not bring anything to this world when we were born, and we certainly cannot take anything with us when we leave. What is the use of gaining anything? It is of no value.

2 有什麼好爭啊?爭天奪地,爭名爭利。生不帶來,死不帶去。爭奪來了以後又有什麼用?亳無幫助啊!

3 If you want to fight, fight for merits. Fighting for merits means building and accumulating merits and virtues aggressively. The effort put into quiet sitting is not something you can fight for. When you work hard, it is within you. If you don’t work hard and you want to fight with someone for the efforts you did not make, do you think you can bring the efforts of other people onto you? That is not possible!

3 爭就要爭功德。爭功德就是積極的培功立德,而靜坐功夫卻是爭不來的。你用功,功夫就在你身上。你不用功,你跟人家爭,能不能把人家的功夫爭到你身上來?那是不可能的!

4 I have heavenly mandates. I have to preach and build the foundation for the Church, so I cannot focus on practicing quiet sitting, and I can only do it two to three times a day. If I did not have to manage anything, I would focus on quiet sitting.

4 我因為有天命在,要創教,要弘教,所以不能專心打坐,一天只能坐個兩次、三次。假定我什麼都不管,我會專心坐。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 14, 1993