54. Uniting with Persons of Affinity to Bring Spiritual Force into Full Play

五四、結合原人 發揮精神力量

1 For the sake of human destiny and the future of our country and our society, unite with persons of affinity to eliminate and uproot the miasma of violence from the society and make an all-out effort to completely remove the source of chaos.

1 結合有天命的原人,發揮宗教精神力量,從根本上消除社會上的暴戾之氣,徹底去除亂源。

2 The more critical the moment, the more necessary it is to bring the striving force into full play.

2 愈是緊要關頭,愈是要發揮天帝教同奮奮鬥的力量才是。

The Church-wide Preaching Affairs Meeting, May 22, 1988