14. Self-Striving and Self-Creating


1 After living a busy life, what was it ultimately for? Assuring a meaningful life that is worth living for, and at the same time staying forever young, is surely not easy to achieve. Therefore, we need to meditate and seek the Dao in order to avoid wasting our lives.

1 為人一生忙到最後到底為了什麼?要想生命要有價值,有意義,也能夠長生不老,卻是不易做到,因此應該要修道、要靜坐,如此才不會虛渡此生。

2 Cultivating the Dao is not running away from reality, but striving against reality. We must control our own body, the “false self,” to strive and to create our own destiny, to temper the three principal elements of a human life: the three treasures of jing, qi, and shen.[5]

2 修道不是逃避現實,而是與現實奮鬥。必須把握現在軀體(假我),自己奮鬥創造,即自奮自創,鍛煉生命之三大原素-精、氣、神三寶。

3 Use the physical body to create the spiritual life for the future. This new life, the “true self,” evolved and transformed out of the old physical life. It is bond-free and it is free to come and go as it pleases. Its eternal life coexists with other eternal spirits.

3 以現在之肉體生命,創造未來之精神生命。此一新生命(真我),是由肉體的舊生命蛻變而來(如蠶之蛻變),不受軀殼之束縛,可來去自如,永生共生!

Kazan Kai Kan (Kazan Conference Center), Tora no Mon, Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 19, 1983


[5] Jing, qi and shen are bodily essence, vital energy force, and animating spirit. These three should not be viewed as separate substances. Rather, they can be seen as functions of a living unity. According to Lu Xixing's commentary on the Heart Seal Scripture, "What is numinous and aware is called shen; what energizes and works in cycles is qi; what gives most richness to cause growth is jing." In brief terms, shen regulates, qi operates, and jing generates.