31. Cherishing Your Dao Name; Striving to Save People

三一、珍惜道名 奮鬥救人

1 God bestows you with a Dao name which gives you the passport to travel in all realms (three realms: heaven, human world and underworld, and ten directions). The joint prayer and quiet sitting in the luminorium mark the beginning of the anthro-celestial union.

1 上帝賜給你們的道名,使你們從此可以通行三界十方。上光殿會禱會坐,就是天人合一的開始。

2 The joint prayer is the convergence of spirits. As people are praying, their engendered spirits are also praying. This is also true for joint quiet sitting. Some high beings of the nonphysical realm come down to help condition your bodies during the joint quiet sitting.

2 會禱就是集靈。人在光殿上祈禱的同時,原靈也在祈禱。會坐也是一樣,此外上聖高真還同時為你們調體。

3 As we are all persons of affinity, we were of the same family before we incarnated. Now all of us have come back home.

3 大家都是原人,先天都是一家人,現在又都回到了自家門。

4 For the sake of the Lord of Universe Church, I have forgotten my own existence. I hope you would follow my lead, dedicate yourself entirely to God for the future of China and for all the living beings of this world.

4 為了天帝教,我已忘掉自我的存在。希望大家跟隨我,為了中國的前途,為了整個天下蒼生,將自己的一切奉獻給 上帝。

The Men’s Third Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, March 29, 1986