72. Being Prudent when Alone


1 For seekers of the Dao, the most important thing is to be aboveboard and be true to their word. The vows you make should be in alignment with your normal behavior. Do not tell the nonphysical beings and me one thing and do something else. It will destroy your credibility, which is not to your advantage.

1 修道的人,最重要的是正大光明,言行一致。許的願同自己平時的行為要一致。不要對無形、對我講一套,自己做的又是一套。這樣對自己沒有好處。

2 Be consistent in what you do whether in front of people or behind their backs. A man of honor is prudent when he is alone. Be cautious in your private life and your personal behaviors. Be as good as your word. Let your mouth speak your heart. Being prudent when alone is the effort of guarding oneself. Be sure you are prudent when alone.

2 人前人後要一樣。正人君子要慎獨,個人的私生活和行為要注意。要言行一致,心口如一。「慎獨」就是做「守」的功夫,要慎獨啊!

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 15, 1992