71. The “Twenty Watchwords” Is Our Way of Practicing


1 After strivers become members of the Lord of Universe Church, they should follow the five cardinal disciplines, affirm the Twenty Watchwords and use them as their own code of life, beginning with themselves.

1 同奮進了天帝教大門,要做五門基本功課。要先肯定廿字真言並以之做為自己的人生守則,從自身開始規範自己。

2 The divine beings in the nonphysical realm also follow them, as we humans do. After a person has passed on, his spirit reaches the inferno, and he still has to go to the Twenty Watchwords Hall![11] He still has to use the Twenty Watchwords to cleanse his spirit.

2 不單是我們人類,就是無形仙佛,同樣在無形中也要照這二十個字做神。人死了以後,靈魂到了地獄,還得要去廿字講堂啊!一樣要拿這二十個字來洗心滌慮,把靈魂洗乾淨。

3 Thus, all beings from the human domain, from the underworld, and from the heavenly domain beneath the stratosphere must rely on the power generated from the Twenty Watchwords, in order to cultivate and raise their spirituality. Hence, to follow the Twenty Watchwords is the one and only way to self-cultivation, and is used by beings in the three realms.

3 所有人曹、地曹,和在同溫層以下的天曹諸靈,都要靠廿字真言的力量來培養祂們,超拔祂們,所以廿字真言是修行的不二法門。廿字真言是三曹共同體行的修行法門。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 2, 1992


[11] Twenty Watchwords Hall: established by Hierarch Xiao in the inferno. It has twenty individual halls in the order of the Twenty Watchwords. It provides spirits with a place to purify and cultivate. It is also a place where spirits that failed to follow the "Code of Life" while living a place to cultivate righteous qi.