73. Hiding Your Vessel and Waiting for the Right Opportunity


1 The Lord of Universe Church is a respondent religion. It leads the destiny of the current epoch. The revival of the Lord of Universe Church is to change that destiny, but it cannot be hastened. Even if you intend to hasten the process, it is beyond your control. It will change slowly and without you being aware.

1 天帝教是應元的宗教,主導這一個氣運。天帝教重來人間就是要在人間轉這個氣運,但不能急,急也急不起來啊!要慢慢地在無形中轉化。

2 You all have your heavenly mandate. Every one of you has it, although you all carry different responsibilities and at different levels. Since you have a heavenly mandate, you need to “hide your vessel and wait for the right opportunity,” that is, wait for your turn. “Vessel” means your heavenly mandate. Hold on to your duty and do your work quietly.

2 你們都有你們個人的天命,不過負的責任不同,層次不同罷了。既然有天命,就要「藏器待時」,等時間啊!「器」就是天命,要安守自己的本份,在自己的崗位上默默地耕耘。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, April 21, 1993