59. Development through Collaboration Will Strengthen Our Position in the World


1 Private or personal economy could be developed only when private property is protected. A mixed market economy must coexist with a planned economy before Mainland compatriots could move from barely surviving to gradually raising their standard of living.

1 保障私有財產,才能發展私有經濟。建立起市場經濟與計劃經濟混合體制,才能使大陸同胞生活,由溫飽而逐漸小康富裕。

2 This is especially true now that the cold war has ended. It is becoming evident that world economy is becoming more diversified, resulting in the development of many local and regional markets. If Mainland China and Taiwan do not develop their economies jointly, we are bound to fall far behind, and our position along the Pacific coast will be weakened. If so, the Chinese would not only have difficulty following the world’s economic trend, but Chinese people around the world would become more of a liability than an asset.

2 尤其世界冷戰結束之後,世界多元化趨勢日益明顯,若干區域性經濟組合,勢將積極興起,若無大陸與台灣之合力發展,勢必遠落人後,將無法立足於太平洋之濱。非但無法與世界潮流配合,且將使全球中國人淪為世界之負債,而非資產!

A Letter to Mr. Deng Xiaoping, January 15, 1991