52. Insisting on Keeping Your Conscience and Holding Your Piece of Heavenly Soil


1 Everyone has a piece of “heavenly soil” in him. It is the baby’s heart. It is the conscience. It is the heart of Dao.

1 每個人的心中都有一塊天土,就是良心,也是赤子之心,即道心。

2 All strivers of the Church must recite the Twenty Watchwords every morning and night, understand and experience their meanings, and carry out their spirit.

2 天帝教要同奮每天早晚誦唸廿字真言,涵泳體會其中的意義,確確實實去做。

3 Adhere to one of them in depth first, be fully committed to it, and by following the unbiased path, you can succeed naturally in what you do. This is a very simple truth. Everyone has a piece of “heavenly soil” in him. Please be vigilant, keep it well, and carry it forward.

3 先做到其中的一個字,惟精惟一,自然就可以「允執厥中」。人人都有塊天土,請你們提高警覺,好好保持。

Dedication Ceremony of the Tiantu Chapel, January 8, 1988