23. “I Am There for Everyone, Everyone Is There for Me”

二三、我為人人 人人為我

1 We chant the Grand Orison and the Precious Orisons to God for all the living beings of this world.

1 我們唸皇誥、寶誥哀求 上帝,就是為了天下蒼生。

2 If you do not think of others, but think only of your own cultivation so that you could be free from reincarnation, asking God for protection in gaining immortality and attaining Buddhahood while ignoring other people, do you think you can fulfill your wish? That is absolutely impossible.

2 如果你不為別人,只想自修自了,只求 上帝保佑你自己趕快成仙成佛,而不顧別人,這樣能如你所願嗎?那根本就是不可能成功的。

3 When you have become one who only thinks of his own success, what about the rest of the world? Therefore, you should think for all the living beings of this world and strive hard. To chant the Orisons is to pray for the world.

3 如果你成了自了漢,那天下的人怎麼辦呢?你必須為天下蒼生設想,去努力奮鬥。每天誦誥就是為了天下蒼生。

4 When you do it for the world, speaking from a higher perspective, you are doing it for yourself. You can easily understand the idea of “I am there for everyone, everyone is there for me.”

4 為天下蒼生就是為別人,從遠處講,其實也是為自己。這種「我為人人,人人為我」的淺顯道理應該懂得。

Quiet Sitting Forum, November 12, 1984