53. Social Stability Is the Guarantee for Our Future


1 For our sake and for the sake of future generations everybody should continue to pray to God, and strive for the two temporal missions to lessen the miasma of violence and bring the force of righteous qi into full play, in order to stabilize society and prevent violence and bloodshed, so that we can witness the completion of the three specific missions of the Tianji Traveling Palace.

1 大家為了自身,為了子孫的前途,要繼續哀求 上帝,不斷為兩大時代使命而奮鬥,化解暴戾之氣,發揮正氣的力量,使社會安定,不至於動亂流血,早日親眼目睹天極行宮三項特定任務如願完成。

The Men’s Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Ninth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, March 26, 1988