43. Having Courage to Admit Mistakes Congeals Righteous Qi


1 The great Dao is non-biased. God does not favor anyone. Only those who conduct themselves according to their two chosen Watchwords faithfully and do not go against their conscience will be protected by their guardian angels.

1 大道無私,皇天無親。只有能真正依照所認定兩個字規規矩矩做人,不違反良心的同奮,才會得到監護童子的保護。

2 Additionally, they should reflect on the day’s activities to see if they have done anything against their conscience every evening. If they are aware of any mistakes, they must have the courage to admit them. No one is free of errors. An ancient saying says: “People are not saints or sages. Who can be without error?” The worst is when a man refuses to admit his mistake.

2 同時每天晚上還要反省、懺悔,檢討從早到晚有無違反良心的地方,有錯要有勇氣趕快認錯。人不可能沒有過錯,古人說:「人非聖賢,孰能無過。」最怕有過不認錯。

3 When a person corrects wrong doings, reverts to good deeds and have a clear conscience, the righteous qi in him will be congealed. With righteous qi inside the body, evil spirits and dark energies will shy away. I hope all strivers can conduct themselves aboveboard, and become the best strivers and citizens.

3 天天能改過遷善,問心無愧,正氣就可以凝結起來。有了正氣,妖魔鬼怪都要避開。希望同奮們個個都能正大光明做人,都是最標準的國民,最標準的同奮。

Dedication Ceremony of the Yucheng Shrine, March 29, 1987