44. Loving Your Country and Your Home Is Loving Your Roots


1 No religion can exist without heavenly mandates. In the Lord of Universe Church, there are: (1) a church doctrine that meets the needs of the time, (2) a Church Charter, the eternal foundation of the Church, (3) the derivation of the three specific missions of Yuling Shrine, and (4) the two great treasures: the Grand Orison and the Precious Orisons, for averting and dispelling nuclear holocausts and for securing Taiwan as the Base of Revival.

1 任何一個宗教,如果沒有天命,是不可能存在的。天帝教,第一有適應時代環境需要的教義;第二有千秋萬世可以依據的大法-教綱;第三有兩大時代使命,和衍生出來的玉靈殿三大特定任務;第四有化延核戰毀滅浩劫,確保台灣復興基地的兩大宇宙救劫法寶-皇誥、寶誥。

2 I have just talked about the three major missions of the Tianji Traveling Palace: (1) to save the world from the End Time of the Third Epoch, (2) to save people from destruction, and (3) to care for the future of all Chinese people and the future of our country.

2 天帝教有適應時代的救劫使命-救世界末劫、救人類毀滅,及為整個中華民族前途、國家前途的天極行宮三大任務。

3 Due to the fact that the Lord of Universe Church was revived in Taiwan, and our Church is one of the ten religions approved by the government of the Republic of China, we strivers must begin with loving our own country, which is to say that strivers should first love their own roots.

3 因為天帝教在中華民國台灣寶島復興,而且是中華民國政府核准的十大宗教之一,所以我們先要從愛自己國家開始,也就是先要愛根。

4 Regardless of what country you were born in, you should love that country in spite of its politics.

4 生在那一個國家,就應該愛那一個國家,沒有絲毫政治意義。

5 With our temporal missions, saving the world comes first and saving Taiwan comes second. This revival base is the root of Chinese race, and it is also the revival base for the Lord of Universe Church.

5 我們的時代使命,第一是救世界,第二是救台灣。這個復興基地是中華民族的老根,也是天帝教的復興基地。

Dedication Ceremony of the Yucheng Shrine, March 29, 1987