3. Being Optimistic and Positive about Life


1 Back in the days at the Pristine Altar in Mount Hua, the edict “God, I wish to strive!” was sent down as the “call for heaven-man union.”

1 當年在華山大上方清虛玄壇曾經降示天人親和呼號「教主!我願奮鬥!」六字。

2 Although these words signaled the interaction between heaven and men, they clearly indicated that people should strive with an optimistic viewpoint and remain positive, and that this “call for heaven-man union” signifies the essence of the Lord of Universe Church.

2 雖然這六個字是天人感應的呼號,但在文字意義上很明白的指示,人生應樂觀奮鬥、積極向上。換句話說,這六字呼號代表天帝教的精義。

3 The Lord of Universe Church is still relatively unknown in the free world. Nonetheless, I have been deeply convinced in the past few years that this is the reason why one has to strive and never stops striving.

3 儘管天帝教今天還沒有在自由世界公開宣揚,但我個人這幾年來已深深體驗到非要不斷奮鬥的道理。

The Master Teacher’s family letter to his second son, Zijian (Cardinal Weigong), January 25, 1973