28. Praying for Others, Creating Fortune for Ourselves


1 “I control my own destiny.” As long as a person strives, he can create his own destiny. All Church fellow strivers should build up their own confidence in order to rid themselves of the shackles of fatalism.

1 我命由我不由天。只要奮鬥,人人都可造命。天帝教同奮,更要能建立自信,擺脫所謂宿命論的桎梏。

2 Therefore, the continuous praying and chanting of the Orisons serve to pray for others and it is, in fact, a way for creating a fortune for you.

2 因此,持續不斷的祈禱、誦誥,雖是為別人祈福,其實就是為自己造命。

Quiet Sitting Class, January 12, 1986