98. The Six Goals of Quiet Sitting


1 Goals of Quiet Sitting:
(1) Purifying the mind and diminishing desires
(2) Changing personal temperament[15]
(3) Helping oneself and helping others[16]
(4) Transcending the mundane and entering the sacred
(5) Returning to oneness with nature
(6) Attaining eternal life and coexisting with other eternal spirits

1 靜坐的目的:

2 To arrive at the last three goals, one must begin with the first three goals. Fundamentally, it is to begin by learning how to conduct yourself and build your character.

2 後面三項不容易做到,只能先由前面三項開始做起。基本上最重要的是要先從做人處事著手。

Spiritual Talk of Practicing Chinese Original Quiet Sitting, July 29, 1979


[15] Personal temperament in Chinese refers to both conditions of the physical body and the mind.
[16] This is a very important concept in Daoism. Helping others refers to relieve other people from pain and suffering emotionally and physically, to help others to raise their spirituality to become enlightened, and to raise lost spirits in the non-physical realm from limbo. The goal of helping one's self is to reach immortality and become one with the Dao, which can only be achieved through self-cultivation and doing good deeds to others. These two aspects are interrelated and inseparable.