143. Allowing the Inner Workings of Qi to Proceed Naturally and without Any Expectations


1 When practicing quiet sitting, one has to “draw the primordial Qi through silent chanting” to come into the body. The primordial Qi is the perfect spirit-yang Qi of God, who is the originator of Dao lineage. Drawing the primordial Qi through silent chanting to come into the body does not assure that it will be drawn in, because our own force is not strong enough. This is due to the fact that the murky qi and yin qi in the body are too dense. This causes a blockage, stopping God’s perfect spirit-yang Qi from coming in.

1 靜坐必須默運祖炁。祖炁就是 道統始祖的靈陽真炁。儘管是默運,但是靈陽真炁不一定能夠進到身體裡面來,因為自己默運的能力不足,也就是說因為體內陰氣、濁氣太重,擋住了,所以靈陽真炁進不來。

2 Even if it could come in, it may not have any function. Before God’s perfect spirit- yang Qi can begin to work, the body’s murky qi and yin qi must first be expelled.

2 縱然進了身體裡面,靈陽真炁也不一定能發生作用,必須要等到本身體內的陰氣、濁氣排到相當的程度以後,靈陽真炁在體內才可以發生作用。

3 Each day expel a small amount of the murky qi and yin qi, and replace it with the same amount of God’s perfect spirit-yang Qi. This is what we mean by “allowing this Qi to move with its natural flow.”

3 每天排出一分、兩分的濁氣、陰氣,靈陽真炁在體內就能發生一分、兩分的作用,這個才叫做「聽其自然運化」。

4 Even though you know that during quiet sitting God’s perfect spirit-yang Qi is still not able to function in your body, it is nonetheless necessary to draw the primordial Qi through silent chanting to enter and go through the motions.

4 在靜坐的時候,明知靈陽真炁在體內還不能發生作用,但是不能不默運,因為這是必要下的功夫。

5 “Drawing the primordial Qi through silent chanting” to enter is the most important element in “directly practicing a natural, non-purposive mindfulness way for cultivating the great empty Dao of the highest heaven.” This is especially true when you practice the Sudden-Path Method to cultivate conferred spirits. It all relies on the drawing the Primordial Qi through silent chanting. This is a special grace from God.

5 直修昊天虛無大道自然無為心法最重要的關鍵就是默運祖炁。尤其是在修煉急頓法門,修煉封靈的時候,靠的就是默運祖炁,這是 上帝的特恩。

6 Do the “silent drawing” of the primordial Qi daily. When drawing the primordial Qi through silent chanting, you must allow it to enter naturally, without any attempt to speed it up. First of all, do not look for how you can benefit from this. Do it with an ordinary mind without any attempt. Cultivate for the sake of cultivation.

6 要天天默運。一定要自自然然,沒有一點點企圖心。首先要不為自己著想,平平常常,為修煉而修煉。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 23, 1991