95. Being Natural Is the Key to Quiet Sitting


1 Quiet sitting is sitting quietly. There is no method outside of this. This is not practicing Taiji [Taichi], which you do one set after another. You have to apply yourself to delving into stillness, and to feeling and experiencing it for yourself.

1 靜坐就是靜坐,根本沒有第二個方法。這不是打太極拳,一套一套練下去。一定要用心在靜中去求,自己體會、感覺。

2 However, there is a key to this: “Be natural in everything. Put body and mind at ease. Do not try too hard. Do not force things, and definitely do not move qi deliberately.”

2 但是秘訣是有的,就是一切要自然,身心要放鬆,絕對不要用力,不要勉強,絕對不能運氣導引。

3 You must let things happen as they will, fitting in with natural laws that move the celestial bodies. It is like the movement of the sun and the moon. No power is propelling them along. This is why I say: “Being natural is the key to quiet sitting.”

3 順其自然,以合天體運行的自然規律,有如日月的運轉,根本沒有任何推動的力量。所以,「自然」就是靜坐的秘訣。

Spiritual Talk about the Practice of Chinese Original Quiet Sitting, July 22, 1979