110. The Six Required Mindsets for Quiet Sitting


1 When it comes to quiet sitting, you should stick to the “six mindsets”: faith, sincerity, persistence, patience, courage, and the desire to excel.

1 對於靜坐修持,應堅守「六心」,即信心、誠心、恆心、耐心、勇猛心、精進心。

2 Have faith in God’s teaching and the great Dao of the cosmos, and remain fully dedicated your entire life. When you run into difficulties or obstacles, be tough and persevering in overcoming them.

2 對 上帝教化乃至於宇宙大道要有信心,至誠奉獻,終生不渝。遇任何困難或阻礙,要有韌性,堅忍克服。

3 Keep pushing yourself to improve and to excel at the same time. By doing so you can get rid of diseases, reverse the aging process, extend your life span, and ultimately enter into the realm of sainthood and perfection.

3 同時抱勇猛精進的態度,精益求精,以為祛病延年,返老還童,進而達到入聖成真的境界。

The Second Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Refresher Class, July 8, 1984