105. The Mental Practice of Quiet Immersion


1 Let me talk about the Quiet Immersion of the Supreme Truth-Blossom Vehicle Method, which is a natural, non-purposive mindfulness method, while practicing quiet sitting in reaching the highest heaven:

1 天帝法華上乘昊天靜參心法的自然無為法:

2 The verses of the “Quiet Immersion” and “Drawing the Primordial Qi Through Silent Chanting” are [part of this] method of direct cultivation of one’s self-nature and physical body. It is a return to the original source. There is no focusing on energy opening points, no visualization, no breath control, and no deliberate movement of qi.

2 藉「靜參」口訣,「默運祖炁」,以達性命雙修,以求返本還原。既不守竅觀想,亦不調息運氣。

3 The breathing is poised between ceasing and continuing, between inhaling and exhaling. Not fixating on self or others, not hearing or seeing.

3 若亡若存,似呼似吸,無人無我,不聞不見。

4 First step is to follow the practice of tempering the mind. Tempering the mind until it is left with nothing. Let one’s spirit join the great void. Let one’s body unite with the universe.

4 先做煉心功夫,務將此心煉得一無所有,與太虛合其神,與宇宙合其體。

5 “Let everything take place naturally” is the fountainhead. “Let everything be unforced” be the principle. Let the sense of self and environment slip away. Enter a trance-like state. Let the intertwining and transforming of Qi proceed, until acupressure points open naturally and remain open. Accumulate merits until karmic obstacles are removed.

5 以自然為宗,以無為為法。人境俱忘。渾渾噩噩,任其絪縕炁化,自然關開竅通,積功累德,業消障除。

6 Refine shen back to emptiness and bring your Embryo of Sainthood to completion. [Then you will be able to] emerge from the grotto to be greeted by myriad deities. Rejoin the source in nature, serve forever at God’s side, and abide with the universe.

6 煉神還虛,聖胎圓滿,運乎出峒,萬神迎禮,回歸自然,永侍 上帝左右,與宇宙共始終。

Spiritual Talk about the Practice of Chinese Original Quiet Sitting, July, 1983