112. Ways of Striving


1 Fundamentally, striving can be classified into two forms:

1 奮鬥的方式,大致說來不外兩類:

2 I. Sacrifice and contribution: Submit your ideas and offer your wisdom. Put in your physical efforts and contribute your service. Make monetary donation and give what you can afford to give.

2 一、犧牲奉獻:出心,貢獻智慧;出力,貢獻勞力;出錢,量力輸財。

3 II. Genuine cultivation

3 二、真修實煉:

4 (1) Cultivate righteous qi and do the four cardinal disciplines faithfully.

4 (一)培養正氣,切實做好四門基本功課。

5 (2) Practice quiet sitting to temper jing, qi, and shen.

5 (二)靜坐修持,鍛煉精氣神。

A fellowship meeting at Tianji Traveling Palace, November 12, 1984