144. Letting Everything Go; Putting All Thoughts Down

一四四、一切放下 一切不想

1 You should not get attached to forms. Do not keep thinking about what is above the “Gate of Heaven” and what sensation you will have when you get there. This is getting attached to form. You need to allow it to take its course naturally.

1 應該知道不可著相。不要一天到晚老是想天門上怎麼樣?有什麼感覺?這就是著相。一切要聽其自然。

2 About purposive methods: when a person uses his own energy to do something, it is the acquired way and it is contrary to the natural, non-purposive method.

2 有為法,就是凡是用人間的力量要想有所作為,都是後天,都是違反自然無為的心法。

3 Be vigilant of this and be sure to have a purified heart. Reduce your desires. Let everything go. Put all thoughts down. Let everything take its own course. Just keep the “Gate of Heaven” fully open, not half open or half closed.

3 尤其要提高警覺,要清心寡慾。一切放下,一切不想,一切要聽其自然運化。要保持天門乾淨暢通,不要一半開、一半關。

4 This means that you should keep your heart purified and your desires reduced. Let everything go. Put all thoughts down. Even if you try to let go of everything and think of nothing, you cannot. More so, much of what you think of is imaginative or delusive. Thinking of nothing is almost humanly impossible.

4 這就是說要清心寡慾,一切放下,一切不想,因為就是你想,你也是做不到的,並且你想的也都是幻想、都是虛幻的,這也不是人間力量能做得到的。

5 Do not attempt to do anything, because as soon as you attempt to do something, you fall into the acquired way.

5 不能有什麼企圖心,因為有所企圖就落入後天了。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 23, 1991