165. Becoming Committed and Striving Faithfully


1 If a Dao cultivator does not go through trials and tribulations, he cannot attain the Dao and become successful. You need to endure all trials and tribulations. You need to endure tests.

1 一個修道人如果沒有磨考是不會成道,不會成功的。要禁得起千磨百煉,要禁得起磨考才行。

2 Enduring them means your Dao mindset remains firm. In my own case, I still believe in God and hold on to my firm Dao mindset regardless of what trials or tribulations I am facing. I have been faithful in the past few decades without any change of heart.

2 禁得起磨考,就是道心不變。以我而言,再磨我也不變,我還是信仰 上帝,堅定道心。我幾十年來始終不貳,沒有第二條心。

3 Some strivers cannot endure trials and tribulations. They lose their will to continue and quit. Those who cannot withstand tests have no future ahead of them.

3 有同奮禁不起磨考,就退志了,退轉了。禁不起磨考的人就沒有前途。

4 The more challenges you have, the stronger and firmer your Dao mindset needs to be, and the stronger and more tenacious your force of striving should become. Endure all trials and tribulations with faith. When you can endure, you can succeed.

4 要越磨道心越堅強,奮鬥的力量越勇猛精進!要禁得起磨煉,要忠貞不貳。好好做這四個字的功夫,就可以成就了。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, April 21, 1993