135. Being Fully Committed in the Pursuit of the Dao


1 An ancient adage says: “Human hearts are unpredictable and are prone to do evil; the development of everything always begins from something small, thus the ruler of a country needs to be keen in senses and judgment, and always takes preventive measures; he should persistently explore the truths of all matters with an undivided mind and does not allow anything to interfere with his judgment; he needs to follow the law of nature and takes unbiased approach in running the country.” Our focus of this adage is about the commitment with an undivided mind a person should have.

1 十六字真傳-「人心惟危,道心惟微,惟精惟一,允執厥中」,重在第三句-「惟精惟一」。

2 To “be committed with an undivided mind” is to make communion between heaven and human possible. When he is committed, his worldly thoughts cease to exist, which gives rise to his Dao mindset so that he can unite with heaven.

2 「一」就是要天人親和,也就是當凡心死,道心生的這個時候,天人就合一了。

3 Be zealous about cultivating the Dao continuously. This is done by reflecting and repenting every day. Examining and reviewing yourselves over and over manifest your commitment to the pursuit of the Dao.

3 「精」就是要精進,不斷的精進,精益求精,就是要每天不斷的反省懺悔。檢討還要檢討,反省還要反省,就是「精」。

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 17, 1991