90. The Journey of Cultivating the Dao


1 From ancient times until now, how many people have chosen to give up fame, wealth, and material pleasures for a saintly and sage-like spiritual life?

1 古往今來,世間能有幾人願意放棄現實的富貴榮華與物質享受,而一心嚮往聖賢的精神生活?

2 This is especially true when people reach the golden age of youth. How many of them can see through the vanity of the world, can live in seclusion in the mountains cultivating the Dao, be interested in the realms of heaven and nature, the realm of saints and sages, and can rise above the material world?

2 尤其在少年黃金時代,更有幾人能看破紅塵,能入山修道,有志於天地境界、聖賢境界,超然於物外?

3 I understand that I am not an ordinary fellow; however, my karmic obstacles are heavy, and my virtues are shallow. My Dao mindset was not firm, so I left the mountains too soon. With just one erroneous thought, I have wasted thirty years. Regrettably it is too late to restart again. What can I say!

3 我自問不是凡夫,可惜業重德薄,道心不堅,中途下山,一念之錯,蹉跎三十年光陰,再回頭,悔之晚矣。奈何!奈何!

4 Since the old days, Dao-cultivators or elders of Daoism have referred to themselves as the “poor Dao-seekers.” They do not seek fame or wealth, and they stay away from worldly success.

4 自來有道之士,或道教長老,大都自稱貧道,可見修道之人,都應不求榮華富貴,與世無爭。

5 Although I saw through what life was truly about, I gave up my political title and moved deep into the mountains. I sacrificed my family for the sake of “building the Dao” business. Since we came to Taiwan just before the collapse of China, I threw myself back into the red dust with one wrong decision.

5 我雖半途看透世情,棄官入山,毀家辦道,但自避亂來台,一念之差,重墮紅塵。

6 Beginning from 1951, I took over the Independence Evening Post until I was forced to leave in 1965. I was just going with the flow of the world.

6 從民國四十年起接辦《自立晚報》,至五十四年終被迫脫離,一直與世浮沉。

7 The only things that I have kept and never lost sight of were the discernments of good and evil, and of right and wrong. I always spoke the truth through the tip of my pen. I can say that I have not done anything against my conscience. That is why I still consider myself a “poor Dao-seeker.” I have kept my true colors.

7 惟對善惡忠奸、是非正義之辨,從不放鬆,秉筆直言,可告無愧於我心,以致今日仍為貧道,保持我之本來面目。

Diaries, June 17 and July 13, 1977