136. Using the Five Cardinal Disciplines to Nurture and Protect Life Force


1 The most important essence of the Lord of Universe Church is to fulfill our worldly obligations and to cultivate the heavenly Dao respectively. As we fulfill our worldly obligations, we also cultivate the heavenly Dao. This does not mean we abandon our worldly obligations. It means we must know how to nurture and protect our life force. To nurture our life force is not enough. We need to protect it as well. If we want to protect our life force, we need to nurture it.

1 天帝教最重要的精神,就是要先盡人道,再修天道。一面盡人道,一面修天道,並不要大家放棄人道,而是要大家懂得養生之道。養生下面還有兩個字「保命」,保一條命。「養生保命」,要保命就要養生。

2 The Church prefers to tell the strivers directly what they need to do, rather than have them “take the long route” by way of trial and error. Part of the five cardinal disciplines we want you to practice includes “nurturing and protecting your life force.” This is due to the fact that nurturing life has something to do with past-life karma. Because of this cause-and-effect relationship, you are not able to nurture and protect your life force.

2 天帝教不要同奮走冤枉路,要同奮做五門功課。五門功課就包含在「養生保命」裡面。因為養生還有先天業緣因果關係在裡面,使得人不能養生保命。

3 Those who can practice the five cardinal disciplines can resolve many of their past- life karma issues spontaneously. There are many subtleties to this that can only be experienced or understood by those who strive unceasingly.

3 能夠做五門功課的人,自自然然可以解開先天業緣因果關係。其中有很多的奧妙,只有參與奮鬥、不斷奮鬥的同奮才能體會得到。

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 17, 1991