125. Drawing the Primordial Qi through Silent Chanting


1 In preparation for quiet sitting, the primordial Qi is drawn in, by way of silent chanting, through the crown of the head and descends to Xingqiao[32] and Minggong.[33] This primordial Qi is God’s perfect spirit- yang Qi.

1 靜坐時「默運祖炁」,就是引祖炁從頂門進入,再到性竅、命宮。所謂默運祖炁的「祖炁」,就是 上帝的靈陽真炁。

2 If our own yin qi is too strong, God’s perfect spirit-yang Qi will not be able to enter. Our own perfect qi needs to activate before it can attune and interact with God’s spirit-yang Qi and finally give rise to the body’s own pure yang qi.

2 如果本身陰氣太重則靈陽真炁根本進不去。必須自身的真氣發動,然後才能與靈陽真炁調和運化,最後自然呈現純陽之炁。

3 Every golden immortal of the Daluo Heaven passed through this stage. I am only telling you about basic practice right now; it is the foundation you must lay to go further.

3 每一位大羅金仙必須經過此一階段。現在告訴大家的只是基本功夫,即首先要做築基的功夫。

Quiet Sitting Forum, January 9, 1988


[32] "Xingqiao" is a nonphysical orifice; its location is between the eyebrows.
[33] "Minggong" is a nonphysical orifice; its location is between the eyes.