124. Using the Twenty Watchwords to Cleanse the Mind and Keep the Heart Pure Forever

一二四、廿字洗心滌慮 永保赤子之心

1 Human hearts are full of desires. Everyone wants to pursue sophisticated material enjoyment, taking fame and wealth very seriously, and being unable to control themselves.

1 人心都充滿了慾望。人人想要追求高度的物質享受,把世俗財色名利看得很重,沒有辦法控制自己。

2 Strivers of the Church, once initiated, should use the Twenty Watchwords as their code of life, to turn their mortal hearts back to their original state. They should live their lives according to the Twenty Watchwords and, at the same time, use them to cleanse their mind, remove all selfish desires and keep their minds pure.

2 天帝教同奮皈宗以後,要以廿字真言為人生守則,將人心(凡心)返本還原。以廿字一面身體力行,一面洗心滌慮,好把一切私慾、私心打掃乾淨。

3 “Persistently explore the truths of all matters with an undivided mind” means to concentrate and be completely focused. When you fulfill one word of the Twenty Watchwords, the remaining nineteen will be followed through. Your mind will be open and you will not be influenced by desires for fame and wealth. You will not commit foolish crimes. Circumstances will not make you act against your conscience and your conscience can “remain unbiased” and guilt- free.

3 「惟精惟一」,是指要專一、專心。從廿字中,只要能做到一個字,其餘十九個字就會貫通。胸襟就會開朗,就能不計自身的名利,不致利令智昏,做出愚癡的犯罪行為,思想不會受環境的變動所左右,良心可以永久站在「中間」,就是「允執厥中」。

4 When a person has this kind of internal cultivation, he can restore the innate pure heart [heart of a baby]. His body and mind will be in harmony and he will continue to strive while observing all rules and regulations.

4 做人能有這樣的內心修養,就可恢復先天帶來的赤子之心,才會使身心和諧,循規蹈矩的自強不息。

Dedication Ceremony of the Tiantu Chapel, January 8, 1988