139. Putting Hard Work into Cultivation Diligently


1 “Putting some hard work into cultivation diligently” emphasizes two things: diligence and the ability to endure hardship. When it comes to diligence there is no time restriction. You do it whenever you have some free time or whenever you want to. Enduring hardship means that you will remain unwavering even with all kinds of physical pain or affliction.

1 「勤修苦煉」四個字;一個「勤」,一個「苦」。勤,就是根本沒有時間的限制,有空就坐,想坐就坐,這才叫勤。苦,就是即使身體上受到任何痛苦、磨難,都不能動搖他的意志。

2 Speaking of the physical challenges, although your body may be tired and you are getting sleepy, you need to pull yourself together. To do quiet sitting requires plenty of sleep. Quiet sitting must be practiced four times a day, especially when the weather is getting colder or hotter. This is what working hard is all about. You need to endure the challenges of cold and hot weather.

2 在生理上,即使身體疲勞,打瞌睡,還是要振作精神。打坐一定要有充足的睡眠。天氣越冷、越熱,越要打四坐。下苦功就是這樣,要能禁得起冷、熱天氣的考驗。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 2, 1991