108. The Original Idea of Cultivating the Dao


1 The original idea and purpose of cultivating the Dao has been to end the cycle of life and death, return to innocence and to where spirits came from, and to never become fallen again.

1 修道的本意、目的,就是要了斷生死,返璞歸真,回到原處,永不再墮落。

2 Do understand that becoming a human is not easy at all. If we fall back into the cycle of reincarnation, we may not become human again; we may not return back to our old home, which would be regrettable and dreadful.

2 我們很不容易得到人身,如果再落到生死輪迴顛倒,並不一定再能得到人身。沒辨法回老家,是一件很遺憾、很可怕的事。

Kazan Kai Kan (Kazan Conference Center), Tora no Mon, Tokyo, Japan, November 19, 1983