166. Heavenly Dao Prohibits “Outflowing”


1 I have been telling everybody that the most violated taboo among Dao seekers is “outflowing.” When jing, qi, and shen flow out of the body naturally, it does no harm to the body. Be sure not to force it.

1 我一再告訴大家,修道人最犯的忌,就是「漏」。自然的漏對身體沒有損傷。要自然的漏,但不要有人為的漏。

2 In order to cultivate the Dao, the first step is controlling desires, moving from restraining to abstaining. Only when one can restrain desires can there be hope in cultivating the Dao. How can there be hope when one lets all his jing flow out?

2 第一步要節慾、要有節制,要從節慾到斷慾。能節慾,修道才有希望。若是通通漏掉了,還有什麼希望?

3 Controlling your desires or abstaining is all about curbing desires and eliminating thoughts. Sex is the biggest challenge. If anyone, male or female, wants to cultivate the Dao, he or she must control their “self.” If one loses control over their “self,” they might as well not try to cultivate the Dao.

3 節慾、斷慾,就是要盡量地少思寡慾。色關最大。要想修道,男女都是一樣,這一關如果都把握不住,還修什麼道?

4 As husband or wife, you should love your spouse. Having children means having heirs to extend life in the universe and having descendants to carry on for your family, so you should consider cultivating the heavenly Dao and make progress in its pursuit before it is too late. Weigh it yourself. If you have worldly obligations, fulfill most of them before you start pursuing the heavenly Dao.

4 夫婦應該彼此相愛。如果有了兒女,你的人道了了,有了宇宙繼起的生命,有了後了,就應該思考修天道,精進道業,否則將來有一天後悔就來不及了。你們自己去衡量。能先盡人道的先盡人道;人道盡了差不多了,一面再繼續修天道。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, May 19, 1993