140. Communion between Heaven and Humanity


1 Some strivers who are challenged by the human Dao [worldly obligations] have no way to shorten the distance between themselves and heaven, to commune with heaven. What can you do to commune with heaven?

1 同奮因人道上的困擾,沒有機會拉近天人之間的距離,貫通天人。用什麼方法才能貫通天人呢?

2 The first way is to commune spiritually. The second way is to commune through the mind.

2 第一種是精神上的貫通。第二種是心靈上的貫通。

3 To commune with heaven, one must practice quiet sitting, chant the Grand Orison, pray, and reflect and repent every day. When a man can commune with heavenly mind, his talents will increase and his wisdom will be inspired.

3 貫通天人靠打坐,靠唸皇誥,靠祈禱,靠每天反省懺悔。當人心貫通天心,人的才能就會增加、智慧就得啟發。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 2, 1991