141. Skepticism Brings Failure


1 Some strivers of the Lord of Universe Church like to negotiate with God. [A striver says:] “I have chanted the Grand Orison this morning. I hope God can give me some advantage and then I will chant again.” This is negotiating with God. This is skepticism. It is bargaining with God.

1 有些天帝教的同奮喜歡同 上帝講條件。我今早唸了皇誥,希望 上帝先給我一點好處,我再唸。這就是講條件啊!將信將疑,就是同 上帝講條件。

2 When trials and tribulations are confronting the striver, he has no time to bargain. He then slowly comes to a final understanding. Once he understood, he was willing to commit. “Oh my. I repent of my past. I realized that my faith was not strong enough and I am remorseful.” People who are like this can still make it in time.

2 直到受到磨考了,來不及講條件了,最後才慢慢明白,想通了,才發心。哎呀!我懺悔過去,懺悔自己信心不夠,我後悔了。這種人還來得及。

3 The only concern is for those who never really come to understand their beliefs because their faith is shaky. These people, who undeniably have some faith, although it does not amount to much, cannot succeed because they are skeptical.

3 只怕有人始終不悟,信心不堅。說他不信他又信,說他信他又不徹底。將信將疑,這種人始終不會成功的。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 2, 1991