162. Striving with the Three Mindsets


1 To strive within oneself is to resolve issues of birth, aging, diseases and death. After birth, everyone goes through diseases, aging, and death.

1 所謂向自己奮鬥,就是解決生、老、病、死的基本問題。一個人生下來,都不免病、老、死。

2 As we live in the red dust, we are confronted by selfish desires, bouncing around the seven emotions and six desires which contaminate our mind. Many diseases that result from our materialistic civilization cannot be cured by western or Chinese medicine, and their root causes remain hidden.

2 人身處紅塵,每天受私慾困擾,在七情六慾中打滾,心靈受到污染。罹患上中西醫無法醫治的病,有很多都是因物質文明而來。

3 Once the body becomes symptomatic, it is too late. In the meantime, we overexert our physical strength and energy without supplying our bodies with their proper needs. We age gradually and ultimately die.

3 有時病根在身體內,平時沒有發現,一旦發出來,卻也已經來不及了。同時因為體力、精力消耗過度,不知道適當的補充,自然漸漸老化,最後只有走上死亡一途。

4 Strivers of the Lord of Universe Church strive within themselves by doing the four cardinal disciplines. Strivers who have taken the Quiet Sitting Class should add quiet sitting as the fifth discipline.

4 天帝教同奮以四門基本功課向自己奮鬥。靜坐班同奮再加一門靜坐。

5 As long as you continue doing it, you can defend against the attack of diseases and prevent aging. The key is to “strive continuously.”

5 只要不斷的做,是可以抵抗病魔侵擾,預防衰老的。關鍵就在「不斷的奮鬥」!

6 Death is the law of cosmic creation. It is unavoidable for anyone. Where there is birth, there is death. Even though death follows life, we hope to die in peace and not from disease.

6 人終究免不了要死,這是宇宙造化的大道,但是希望是無疾而終,死得安祥。

7 The cultivation stressed in the Lord of Universe Church depends on the three mindsets of striving in ordinary life. The first is Faith: to have absolute faith in God. The second is Sincerity: to be sincere in doing the cardinal disciplines. The third is Persistence: to practice them daily without interruption.

7 天帝教的修持,就是靠平時以三心來奮鬥。第一信心:絕對信仰 上帝。第二誠心:真心誠意,確實做好基本功課。第三恆心:不間斷的天天做。

8 When you take actions based on the three mindsets, you can resolve the basic issues that are related to diseases, aging, and death.

8 只要拿這三心不斷採取實際行動,一定可以解決病、老、死的基本問題。

The Anthro-Celestial Research Institute, January 25, 1993