128. Ending the Cycle of Birth and Death, Never Reincarnating Again


1 From the beginning of each Quiet Sitting Class, the first thing I did for everyone was to perform the “Touch of Dao,” which gives everyone a chance to transform themselves and “open the Gate of Heaven” in order for them to put an end to the cycle of birth and death, so everyone will never have to reincarnate again. You have come to attend the one-hundred day training, which is a very important starting point.

1 我在每一期靜坐班開班的時候,首先為同奮做了根本的改造,即所謂的「點道」。為你們大家「開天門」以了斷生死,更可以令大家永不輪迴。你們來參加一百天,這一件是最大的事。

2 When I was attending school at the age of twenty, I started practicing quiet sitting. It has been seventy years since then.

2 我二十歲在學校讀書時代,就開始習靜坐,到今年已經學了七十年了。

3 Hierarch Xiao only taught us the general principle about quiet sitting. He said: “I can teach you [at a high level], yet your effort has not reached that level and you will use your imagination to reason. It is harmful to you instead of being helpful.”

3 蕭教主對於靜坐也只講一個大概、一個原則。他說:「我給你們講,你們功夫沒有到,只會胡思亂想,是害了你們。」

4 I have put a lot of effort into this. I searched in the darkness and experienced it in person. It took me eight years of practicing in Mount Hua to make real progress.

4 我是自己下苦功,自己暗中摸索,體會,直到在華山八年才能有真正的進步。

5 I met many very advanced people who had guided me. It was through asking these people and the high spirits who had attained the Dao questions, via anthro-celestial communication, in addition to my own experiences that I could fully understand and grasp.

5 我碰到過很多的高人。經過他們的指導,以及後來在天人交通的過程中,我請教天上得道的前輩,再根據我自己的體會,我才能融會貫通。

The Men’s Tenth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Third Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, September 10, 1990