159. The Mindfulness of the Highest Heaven Method and the Sudden-Path Method


1 The “Chinese Original Quiet Sitting” comes from one continuous line from God. When the term the “Supreme Truth- Blossom Vehicle Method for reaching the highest heaven” is mentioned, you know it comes directly from God. Chinese Original Quiet Sitting of the Lord of Universe Church comes directly from the Hierarch of the Church.

1 「正宗靜坐」就是將 上帝的正統傳下來。提到「法華上乘」,就知道是 上帝的真傳。天帝教的正宗靜坐是直接傳承於教主。

2 The Hierarch of the Church is God, the Supreme Lord of Mystic Skies, Ruler of the Universe. After God created the universe, He used natural laws to govern the universe.

2 教主就是 上帝,就是宇宙大主宰 玄穹高上帝。 上帝創造宇宙以後,運用大自然的自然法則管理大自然。

3 The forces used by heaven during the End Time of the Third Epoch provide the “Sudden-Path Method” and ways for people to save themselves and others. The divine beings, saints and perfected beings from the nonphysical realm that take part in the End Time of the Third Epoch operation are divided into two groups: one group puts out force to rescue spirits and the other puts out a counter force.

3 自救救人和急頓法門,是上天用來搶救這個三期末劫的力量。仙佛聖真參與搶救三期末劫的行動中,有反面行劫的,有正面救劫的。

4 The six phases of the End Time of the Third Epoch are: Onset, Purification, Leveling, Spring, Abundance, and Unity. There is no set time frame for each of these phases. They can be short or long.

4 三期末劫有六個階段:「行、清、平、春、康、同」。從行劫開始到同劫,沒有固定的時間,可長可短。

5 I hope holocaust-rescuing missionaries can intensify their cultivation by following the special issuance of the Sudden-Path Method for this particular time, which is also a method for cultivating conferred spirits.

5 所以希望從天上下來的救劫使者,可以加緊修煉,按照 上帝針對三期末劫時代傳授特別的急頓法門,修煉封靈。

6 In other words, to temper yourselves, follow the “Mindfulness of the Highest Heaven Method,” in conjunction with the “Sudden-Path Method,” so you may become divine beings in the here and now, supplementing the depleted ranks of holocaust-rescuing spirits at the End Time of the Third Epoch.

6 也就是要按照 上帝特殊的心法-昊天心法與急頓法門來修煉,以立地成就仙佛來補充大宇宙的需要,來參與搶救三期末劫的奮鬥行列。

7 Understand that the “Mindfulness of the Highest Heaven Method” and the “Sudden- Path Method” exist only during the End Time of the Third Epoch. This is the time when people have become evil, so God imparts these unusual ways to help people cultivate the Dao.

7 要知道只有在三期末劫時代才有昊天心法與急頓法門,因為在這個時代裡人心壞到不堪收拾。也就是說在非常的時代, 上帝傳授非常的修道方法。

8 These unusual ways are the “Mindfulness of the Highest Heaven Method” and the “Sudden-Path Method.” On one hand, people learn to save themselves. On the other hand, they learn to save others. Once the End Time of the Third Epoch has ended, these methods will be withdrawn.

8 這個方法就是「昊天心法與急頓法門」,為了要我們一面自救,一面救人。等到三期末劫一結束,這個方法就要收回去了。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 15, 1992