107. Following the “Original” Way Home


1 Most ordinary people become lost from birth. Why did we lose our direction? This is because we lost what was innate when our true nature and our original heart were changed after we were born, and we ended up thrashing about in the cycle of reincarnation, remaining fallen from life to life.

1 一般人一出母胎成長後,就迷失了方向。為什麼會迷失方向呢?因為我們每一個人從先天來,落入後天,蒙蔽了先天的本性,在生死輪迴裡顛顛倒倒,世世沉淪。

2 Is our home today really our home? I think it is just a temporary one. This home we have today serves us for some decades at the most.

2 我們現在的家,是不是真的是我們的家呢?我想它只是暫時性的。家對我們來講,頂多幾十年。

3 We need to cultivate the Dao and attain the Dao, so that we can return to our original home and live there forever. It is our ultimate goal to unite at our “old home.” Our old home is the origin of the great cosmos.

3 要修道以求能回到原來的地方,永生永存。以能在「老家」大家團聚為終極目標。老家就是大宇宙的根源。

4 The Lord of the Universe created the cosmos and gave life to all things. Why then does he have to “kill?” He wants us to live and die in a natural way.

4 宇宙主宰創造宇宙,滋生萬物,為什麼又要「殺」呢?宇宙主宰要我們天生天死,自然的生,自然的死。

5 If a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and America broke out, those who sacrifice will not die of natural causes, but by man- caused destruction. It will be a massacre. This goes against the heavenly Dao. It goes against how God created the universe.

5 如果美、蘇核子戰爭爆發,為此而犧牲的人類,不是自然的死,而是人為的滅亡,是集體被殺。如此就違反天道,違反 上帝創造宇宙的大道。

6 In the devastation of nuclear war, human flesh will be vaporized and their spirits would also be destroyed. This is why the world is presently at risk. The future of the human race is indeed bleak.

6 因為核子戰爭的破壞力,會將人類的肉體化為烏有,連人類的靈魂也消滅了。所以現在世界已進入危險時期,人類的前途實在不堪設想。

7 We all understand that we are in an unusual time. Natural and man-made disasters are all happening at the same time. If we do not get ready for them now, when are we ever going to start? I feel so sad.

7 我們都知道,今天是一個非常時代,全球天災人禍一齊來。現在大家不早做準備,還要等到什麼時候呢?我心中萬分感慨。

8 I hope that all of God’s creations can “follow the original way home,” but this is up to each individual’s own cultivation of the Dao, how much merits and virtues they can accumulate and their luck.

8 我希望 上帝創造的萬性萬靈都能「就原路還家」。但是,這完全要看大家的修道、培功積德功夫與造化了。

Kazan Kai Kan (Kazan Conference Center), Tora no Mon, Tokyo, Japan, November 19, 1983