158. Moving


1 Cultivation of the Dao, tempering the mind, and cultivating oneself according to religious practice are interrelated. As you cultivate the Dao, you cultivate your mind and cultivate your being. The “practice” of self-cultivation includes actions, deeds and ascetic practices as well.

1 修道、修心、修行,這三項是有連帶關係。一面修道,一面修心,一面修行。「行」包括行動、行為,也包括苦行!

2 Why do we talk about “movement?” Living requires moving. Moving keeps balance between body and mind. Sitting all day long interferes with this balance.

2 為什麼叫「活動」?要活命,要生活,就要動啊!要勞動,身心才能夠平衡,一天到晚坐著不動就是不平衡。

3 When looking at it, quiet sitting appears motionless, but internally the qi-and-blood is still moving. The key is to keep the mind unstirred. If the body is in sitting position and yet the mind is not at rest, what use does it have? You must keep the mind calm and unstirred.

3 靜坐,外表看起來身體是不動,但內部的氣血還在動啊!只是要使得心不動才行。如果身體坐著,心還在動,有什麼用?要不動心才行。

4 You can reach total quietude when the mind is unstirred. By transforming and expelling murky qi and yin qi, your body will change internally.

4 不動心才能靜到極點。最後身體內部起變化,使裡面的陰氣、濁氣經過氣機的運轉,排泄出去。

5 The true-yang qi from within will rise slowly, and ultimately work in concert with God’s perfect spirit-yang Qi, which is drawn in through silent chanting, allowing changes to take place while practicing quiet sitting.

5 內在真陽就慢慢升起來,最後與 上帝的靈陽真炁,即每次靜坐默運到身體內部來的祖炁相調和,發生變化。

6 Even though the body is not moving, the internal workings of qi are proceeding and the qi-and-blood continues to move. As the body is expelling yin qi, yang qi continues to rise with all moving naturally.

6 身體不動,但是內部氣機在轉動,氣血在動。一面排陰氣,一面陽氣不斷升起來,這是自然的在動。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 2, 1992