134. Shortening the Distance to God

一三四、拉近與 上帝的距離

1 The heavenly mind and Dao mindset represent God. Human mind represents ordinary people. The distance between the two is getting greater and greater. Presently, it is the duty of the Lord of Universe Church to shorten that distance by bringing our strivers, non-strivers and people of the world closer to God.

1 天心、道心代表 上帝,人心代表凡夫,兩者之間的距離愈拉愈遠。今天天帝教的責任,就是要使我們的同奮,以及非同奮、和世人,與 上帝之間的距離愈拉愈近。

2 When we pray and reflect, as the spirits from deep down are touched, we are connected and become closest to God. This is because our conscience makes us repent our transgressions every day and we ask God for mercy.

2 當我們祈禱,反省懺悔時,在內心深處靈性感觸的一剎那之間,就是和 上帝之間的距離拉得最近的時候。這是因為我們良心發現,對自己每天做錯了的事切實認錯改過,求 上帝慈悲。

3 Admitting and correcting our mistakes demonstrates the Dao mindset, which is what I call anthro-celestial communion [communion between heaven and human]. To commune with God everyday can earn God’s special forgiveness.

3 認錯改過就是道心發現,真心顯現了,這就叫天人親和。天天和 上帝親和,就能得到 上帝特別的寬恕。

4 In fact, what qualifications do we have to commune with God with our worldly mind, which is dirty and full of “everything?” Only through reflection and repentance can we empty and clean our minds. When that moment arrives, true anthro-celestial communion happens. This is why we practice our disciplines daily.

4 其實我們這顆凡心、骯髒的心,什麼東西都有的心,有什麼資格與 上帝親和?只有反省懺悔,到了內心空空洞洞一無所有,乾乾淨淨,那個時候,一剎那間就是真正天人合一了,所以我們天天要做這個功夫。

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 17, 1991