167. Cultivating the Mind until Nothing Moves It


1 Everything begins with the mind. The mind is the center of a person. All changes in humans begin with their mental state. The mind is not of flesh. It has spiritual awareness.

1 一切都從「心」開始。人的變化都從心理開始,所以「心」是人的中心。但是這個心,不是血肉的心,而是靈覺的心。

2 A spiritually aware mind is the master of a person. Church doctrine states that before the mind can begin to function, the harmonons and etropons must work in concert with each other to reach a proper energy threshold.

2 靈覺的心就是人的主宰。以教義來講,就是一定要達到一個適切的熱準之後,心才能發生作用。

3 Therefore, the Lord of Universe Church advocates that tempering the mind is to cultivate the Dao. There is no Dao beyond the body. The Dao is in one’s mind. Whether you temper your mind, nurture your mind or cultivate your mind, the ultimate goal is to reach a state where nothing could move your mind.

3 因此,天帝教主張修道就是修心。身外無道,道在人心。不管你修心也好,養心也好,煉心也好,最後的目的就是希望修到能夠不動心。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, May 19, 1993