174. Heart and Breathing Coordinate with Each Other to Bring Forth Wisdom


1 In quiet sitting you must first learn to keep breathing evenly. The Daoists call it “heart [mind] and breathing depending on each other.” We call it “heart [mind] and breathing coordinating with each other.” This is the term we use in the “Supreme Truth-Blossom Vehicle Method.”

1 靜坐的第一步基層功夫就在先要把呼吸調勻。一般道家所謂的「心息相依」,我們叫「心息相配」,這是法華上乘的名稱。

2 When sitting, your heartbeat has to match the rhythm of your breathing. The first step to keep breathing even with the heartbeat is to put your mind down.

2 在坐的時候,你的心跳要同呼吸能夠配合。當心靜到極點,你的心跳同呼吸就能配合了。

3 The mind has to slow down and stop thinking. Let go of everything and let everything go. Think of nothing. Let all thoughts go. When there are no more thoughts, your heartbeat can coordinate with your breathing.

3 第一步呼吸調勻就是先要把心放下去。把心放下,一切放下,放下一切;一切不想,不想一切。要做到這四句話,就能夠心息相配。

4 You want to “stop thinking.” Then your delusive and distracting thoughts will stop completely and your mind will rest. Once your mind rests, your breathing can coordinate naturally with your heartbeat, the external breathing will cease and the internal breathing will kick in.

4 要「止念」,一切的妄想雜念通通停止,自然心會靜下去。心一靜自然呼吸就能配合,外呼吸也會停止,就轉成內呼吸了。

5 Learning takes place when you begin to ask questions, when you are not ashamed to ask and you are willing to learn. The knowledge you are gaining by asking is acquired knowledge. Conversely, the innate knowledge is infinite.

5 學問就是所謂的「記問之學」。學問學問,不恥下問,肯去問、肯去學,才可以增加知識,增加常識。這是後天的記問之學,但是先天的學問無窮無盡。

6 The innate knowledge has no limit. It begins when the external breathing stops. That opens the gate of wisdom, and true wisdom from the innate will flow into you and you will receive extraordinary wisdom.

6 先天學問就是等到外呼吸一停止,智慧的門就打開了,先天的學問源源而來,你就會得到非常的智慧。

7 Those who really make the effort to practice quiet sitting are inspired every day by innate wisdom, which is endless and limitless. You can get anything you ask for.

7 真正下苦功靜坐的人,天天在啟發先天的智慧。先天的智慧是無窮無盡、無量無邊的,要什麼有什麼。

8 It is important to keep the gate of wisdom open, which means you need to work to “keep it open.” You must continue to practice quiet sitting each day. This is no different from taking a bath, keeping the body warm so that the metabolism and blood flow could process smoothly.

8 等開發了之後,還要能夠保持得住,就是要能「守」。每天還是要坐,等於沐浴、溫養,使得內部的血脈、新陳代謝順暢。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 14, 1993