176. Pursuing the Origin of Cosmic Life


1 The main purpose of the Church’s spiritual education is pursuing the origin of cosmic life. The Chinese referred to it as the truth and the Anthro-Celestial Learning.

1 天帝教精神教育的主要目的在追求宇宙及人類生命的究竟,即中國人所謂的真理、天人之學。

2 The doctrine of the Lord of Universe Church, A New Realm, explains that the way to return to the origin of cosmic life is by returning from the acquired to the innate and from matter back to nature. We all came with our missions, and we have to accomplish them so that we can follow the original path to return home.

2 天帝教教義-新境界,就是闡明宇宙及人類生命的究竟,由後天返先天,從物質返自然的大道。我們都是負有使命而來,一定要完成自己的使命,才有可能就原路回家。

3 The Mystic Epochal Treasure of the Cosmos of the Church is about practicing a natural, unforced, non-purpose way for cultivating the great empty Dao of the highest heaven. It is the direct transmutation of shen back to emptiness, in order to cultivate conferred spirits and attain a “body beyond the body,” so that one can follow the original path home and return to the golden path at God’s side.

3 天帝教的宇宙應元妙法至寶-直修昊天虛無大道自然無為心法,是天帝教獨有的直修煉神還虛,培養封靈,成就身外之身,自然就原路回到 上帝左右的金光大道的方法。

4 The method enables people to thoroughly understand the mysteries of cosmic life, return from the acquired back to the innate and from matter back to nature. The key relies on striving persistently in daily life.

4 它可以讓人根本澈悟宇宙及人類生命的究竟,由後天返先天,由物質返自然。其中關鍵就是要在日常生活中不斷地奮鬥!

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, March 1, 1994