142. Thoughts Pollute the Spiritual Body


1 Whenever a thought appears, it damages our spiritual body. It pollutes the spiritual body with yin etropons. The diseases we acquire are created by our own doing; not from the innate.

1 因為一起心,一動念,對我們的靈體都有損傷,使我們的靈體都要受到陰電的污染。所以後天生理上的病,是後天我們自己製造出來的,不是先天帶來的。

2 What come from the innate is purity without pollution (clear and light qi). Pollution comes from the impact of acquired materialistic desires.

2 先天本來是一片清(清輕之氣),沒有污染,污染是因為受了後天物慾的衝擊的緣故。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 23, 1991