146. Using Thoughts to Change Circumstances


1 Our mind is influenced by the environment and by circumstances. Now that we are cultivating the Dao, we need to use our thoughts to change these circumstances. In a way, this is like creating a miracle.

1 心由境轉,人的心都是受了環境而轉變。我們現在修道,就要創造一個奇蹟-要境隨心轉。

2 Most people, including the Dao cultivators, do not have a firm Dao mindset. This is a common problem. As circumstances change, our thoughts change accordingly.

2 因為大多數的人,包括修道人,道心不堅定的人,都是犯了這個毛病。環境一轉變,心就跟著環境走了。

3 Once people see wealth, power, and beauty in front of them, they find them irresistible. Once the mortal mind has shifted, the Dao mind becomes ruined. So, that is the reason why we say “put the mortal mind to death and bring forth the Dao mind.”

3 看到財富、權勢,美色當前,禁不起引誘,凡心一動,道心就全都毀了。所以要凡心死、道心生,就是這個道理啊!

4 The human mind is the mortal mind; the ordinary mind, which could easily be seduced by drinking, sex, insatiable thirst for wealth, anger, the seven emotions and six desires. As soon as the circumstances change, the mind follows suit.

4 凡心就是人心。普通人的心,容易受酒色財氣、七情六慾的引誘。環境一轉變,心就跟著走了。

5 Many people cannot resist these temptations to the end; hence, they result in losing chastity. When a woman becomes unfaithful to her spouse, she loses her chastity; when a man succumbs to the temptations of fame and wealth, he also loses chastity.

5 很多人到了最後關頭把握不住,失節。女人不貞是失節,男人被富貴引誘不忠,也是失節。

6 Cultivating the Dao is all about using your mind to turn circumstances around. Let your mind create or change the circumstances, yet it requires determination and persistence.

6 修道就要做「境由心轉」這個功夫。要讓環境倒過來跟著心走,就得要有定力。

7 To cultivate the Dao is to cultivate the mind. By cultivating yourself to be steadfast, your mind settles down. Once you become determined and persistent, you will continue to be a striver of God.

7 修道就是要修心。修不動心,心定下來了,有定力了,永久都是 上帝的同奮。

8 Do not take the word “striver” lightly. To be a striver requires one to be consistent with proper speech and actions. Ordinary people are influenced by circumstances. Strivers of the Lord of Universe Church are required to use their minds to turn circumstances around and not allow themselves to be manipulated by circumstances.

8 「同奮」兩個字談何容易?要言行思想一致。普通人心由境轉,天帝教的同奮要境由心轉,不受環境的支配。

9 To be of such unbending determination and persistence comes from the cultivation of righteous qi that cannot be manipulated by circumstances.

9 所以要培養這一股不受環境支配的正氣,就是要有堅定不亂、不拔的定力。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, November 6, 1991