150. Yielding the Mind Is Essential to Cultivating the Dao


1 Talking about cultivating the Dao today is more difficult than at any other time in history. This is because of all the great temptations today’s world has to offer. If you desire wealth, the wealth devil comes to you immediately. When you have a desire for sex, the sex devil arrives in no time to unsettle you.

1 今天講修道,比過去的任何一個時代都難。難在現今外在的誘惑力最多、最大。你若動財心,就有財魔來;你動色心,色魔馬上就到,這就叫心魔作祟。

2 Whatever you have in mind, the devil is right behind you. The most difficult thing to overcome in the world is the “devil mind.”

2 心裡想什麼,魔就跟著你來。天下最難克服的就是心魔。

3 To cultivate the Dao is to yield your mind. Yield your devil mind. Take control of it and keep it down, so that it will not harm you or interfere with your life and disrupt your career, enabling you to study or do research, without causing you to stray from your path.

3 修道就是要降服其心。把這個心魔降服它,克服它,使心魔不作祟,不擾亂你,你就可以安心的繼續做想做的事,或者做研究,或者讀書,你的心不會離開你的範圍。

4 Once the devil mind is acting up, all of the effort you have put forth in all your endeavors would be totally wasted.

4 一旦心魔作祟了,你就會神魂顛倒,使過去的一切努力完全付諸流水。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, July 27, 1992